Personal Data

Mikhail SintsovName: Mikhail SINTSOV
Business Address:
420008, Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University, room 024B, Kremlyovskaya St., 18, Kazan, Russia
Phone: +7 999 157 61 64
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth: 26.06.1989


Education and Academic Degrees

2006-2012 MSc (applied mathematics and physics) Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia


Positions held

  • 2010-2012, junior scientist, Laboratory of bioelectrochemistry, A. N. Frumkin Institute of physical chemistry and electrochemistry RAS, Russia
  • 2013-2014, engineer, Laboratory for advanced studies of membrane proteins, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia
  • 2015 - present - assistant, Laboratory of Neurobiology (Kazan Federal University, Russia)


Areas of Specialization

  • Physical and chemical properties of biological membranes



Polovinkin V, Gushchin I, Sintsov M, Round E, Balandin T, Chervakov P, Schevchenko V, Utrobin P, Popov A, Borshchevskiy V, Mishin A, Kuklin A, Willbold D,Chupin V, Popot JL, Gordeliy V. High-resolution structure of a membrane protein transferred from amphipol to a lipidic mesophase, J. Membr. Biol. 2014, V. 247, P. 997-1004 P.

V. Bashkirov, M. Yu. Sintsov, A. V. Shnyrova, S. A. Akimov, V. A. Frolov, Resolving of activity of individual dynamin nanomachines. Poster section, Workshop on Advanced Studies in Cell Biophysics, 25 May 2011, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.