buzsaki I On August 26, György Buzsáki, one of the most successful brain researchers, invited by the leaders of the Kazan University, delivered a lecture "Emergence of cognition from action" that  gathered those who are interested in neuroscience.

After the lecture, György Buzsáki shared his impressions. He spoke on his choice to become a researcher rather than just be a practitioner, because it was the best way to be helpful to the society.  However, György Buzsáki started his career as a doctor of Hungarian army.

Today the researcher is focused on brain physiology and studies the brain's ability to predict the future. According to him, “the human brain can adapt because of the predictability of the world.  The ability to predict the future is based on a person's experience.”

At the end of the lecture, György Buzsáki expressed his hope to return to Kazan University.

Source of information: Press centre KFU